А. D. Muradov

Annotation. The impact of silver metallization and electron irradiation on the physical and mechanical properties of polyimide films has been studied. The metal that impregnated the structure of the polyimide substrate was 1–5 μm. The surface coatings contained 80–97% of the relative silver mirror in the visible and infrared regions. Irradiation was performed at the ELU-6 linear accelerator with an average beam electron energy of 2 MeV, an integral current of up to 1000 μA, a pulse repetition rate of 200 Hz, and a pulse duration of 5 μs. The absorbed dose in the samples was 10, 20, 30, and 40 MGy. The samples were deformed at room temperature under uniaxial tension on an Instron 5982 universal testing system. The structural changes in the composite materials that result from the impact of the physical factors were studied using an X-ray diffractometer DRON-2M in air at 293 K using CuKα radiation (λαCu = 1.5418 Å). A substantial growth of mechanical characteristics resulting from the film metallization, as compared to the pure film, was observed. The growth of the ultimate strength by ∆σ = 105 MPa and the plasticity by ∆ε = 75% is connected with the characteristics of the change of structure of the metallized films and the chemical etching conditions. The electron irradiation of the metallized polyimide film worsens its elastic and strength characteristics due to the formation of new phases in the form of silver oxide in the coating. The concentration of these phases increased with increasing dose, which was also the result of the violation of the ordered material structure, namely, the rupture of polyimide macromolecule bonds and the formation of new phases of silver in the coating. A mathematical model was obtained that predicts the elastic properties of silver metallized polyimide films. This model agrees with the experimental data.
Keywords: polyimide, composite materials, metallization, deformation, electron irradiation, modulus of elasticity, Young's modulus, mathematical model.

For citation: Muradov А.D. [Simulation of mechanical strain of metallic electron-irradiated polyimide films]. Upravleniye tekhnosferoy, 2020, vol. 3, issue 1. (in Russ.) Available at:



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Abyl Darkhanovich Muradov

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of the Department of solid state physics and nonlinear physics, 050040 Almaty, Al - Farabi  Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan.

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