V.P. Ivannikov, A.V. Kabakova




Annotation. Improvement of technology and technology at the present stage of scientific and technological development is the most important factor in the implementation of the innovative potential of industry, science and the scientific industry and is aimed at the development of resource-saving, waste-free technologies, which, in turn, leads to the improvement of organization, management and growth of production efficiency. At the same time, the active intervention of "science" in the creation and use of materials, devices and technical systems, the functioning of which is determined by their nanostructural features, stimulates our desire to better understand the meaning of the terms fashionable today with the prefixes "techno" and "nano", in connection with the fact that, recently, too many authors of scientific publications have appeared, interpreting these concepts in a very peculiar way.

Key words: materials, technologies, products, nanotechnologies, nanoparticles, nanomaterials, nanosystem technology, nanorobots, nanoindustry.


For citation: Ivannikov V.P., Kabakova A.V. ["Nanotechnologies" as a factor of improvement of equipment and technologies at the modern stage of scientific and technical development] Upravlenie tekhnosferoi, 2021, vol. 4, issue 4. (In Russ.) Available at: https://technosphere-ing.ru  pp. 435 – 446. DOI: 10.34828/UdSU.2021.73.10.008




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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34828/udsu.2020.20.99.006

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Ivannikov Valery Pavlovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Udmurt State University, 426034, Russia, Izhevsk, University str., 1/7

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Kabakova Anna Valerievna

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor,

 Izhevsk State Technical University named after Kalashnikov

426054, Studentskaya str., 7, Izhevsk, Russia,

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